Books in and over Galicia

On this page I share books that are about Galicia or have a setting in the region. All books have to be available in English.

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Reading stimulates the imagination. En what better to imagine a setting in a surrounding that appeals you. That’s why I like to read books that take place in places I have travelled to and books that take place in Galicia.


Nacho Carretero – Snow on the Atlantic: How Cocaine Came to Europe 

History of Drug Smuggling in Galicia
The most controversial book about Galicia of this century. What a fascinating story. I read it with utter amazement. The book reads like an exciting novel, but it’s all true. An extensive history of drug smuggling in Galicia. How did it come to pass that Galicia became the gateway to Europe for South American drugs? How could this be allowed to continue for so long, and what role did Galician culture play?


Enjoy reading and still become a little wiser. We can divide this section into two. At first the books of international authors that take place in Galicia. Unfortunatly, I have not encountered any, let me know if you have a suggestion. And second, books of Galician authors that take place in Galicia. Some of the most famous Galician writers have been translated to English, such as Domingo Villar and the Nobelprice winner Camilo José Cela.

Domingo Villar – Water Blue Eyes

A thriller in Galicia. And in this book, the region Galicia really does add value into the book. One of the main characters of the book recently moved to Galicia. Through his character writer Villar reflects the typical customs from Galicia and the character of the people in the novel.
And besides, this is just a thriller you will want to read. A classic who dunnit. In Vigo a young saxophonist is found dead. He is murdered, and the way he is killed is extraordinary. His stomach, groin, genitals and thighs are horribly burned. A cruel murder. Who would do this? Inspector Leo Caldas is called to investigate the case.

Domingo Villar – Death on a Galician Shore

The second novel of Domingo Villar about inspector Caldas. With no doubt at the top of my list, if I may recommend you a novel set in Galicia. In this novel, the environment truly adds value, allowing you to taste Galicia in its core within the story.

What the book is about: On a misty autumn morning, the body of a fisherman washes ashore in the harbor of a small fishing village in northwest Spain. Inspector Leo Caldas, stationed at the headquarters in the nearby Vigo, is called in to investigate what initially appears to be a clear case of suicide. However, soon enough, details emerge that transform this routine task into a complex murder investigation.

Dolores Redondo – All This I Will Give to You

Psychological thriller
Imagine suddenly finding yourself in a completely different environment. Your partner has been killed in an accident and turns out to be a prominent marquis in his hometown, something you were unaware of. Distraught, you travel to his birthplace, where the accident occurred. This place turns out to be the Ribeira Sacra in Galicia, where the psychological thriller “Everything I Will Give You” by Dolores Redondo takes place.

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