Privacy & Cookies

This website was created out of love for Galicia, not for commercial purposes. Of course I respect your privacy, I have no interest in your details and will not ask for any personal data. Feel free however to contact me personally about Galicia!

To make the website workable some cookies are installed. For example Google Analytics. With the help of this cookie I can analyse how the website performs and which content gets attention, that helps me to improve the website further.

I also show some ads on this website. They are placed by Google. When accepting cookies you will get to see more relevant ads by Google based on your data. When not accepting cookies you’ll probably see more generic or content based cookies.
On some pages I also installed a widget for you to search for hotels and flights via Skyscanner. To give good answer they use cookies too.

The ads you see help me to host this website. After all it does costs some money to create a website. They help me making this website and offering you content about Galicia

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