santiago de compostela


Santiago de Compostela

There’s so much to see in Galicia. Well, if not, this website wouldn’t have been there off course 😉

Galicia contains several cities that are worth a visit. Full of history, but also with modernities; with a lively nightlife, but also some quiet spots; with a rich gastronomie to enjoy the Galician kitchen. Get to know the cities Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Vigo, Lugo and Ourense.

Besides it’s cities Galicia also contains a beautiful and wide nature. A lot of nature! The mountains that seperates Galica from Spain, the many woods inlands and the enormous, and sometimes rough, coastline in the west and the north. Unique in Galicia are it’s Rias, the sea streams that go inlands from the Atlantic Ocean.

On this website I would like to share and tell you more about the best destinations in Galicia.


Lovely villages

Costa do Marisco (Shellfish coast)

The entire Galician coast is also known as the ‘Costa do Marisco’. Translated to English the ‘Shellfish coast’. Marisco clearly refers to the lovely seafood that Galicia is known for. (Read more about it on the page about the Galician gastronomy).

The entire coast of Galicia measures more than 1200 kilometers and is very divers. You’ll find white sand beaches and rocky cliffs, big cities and authentic fishing villages, idyllic islands and touristic hotspots.

The ‘Costa da Marisco’ consists of three large areas, the well known Galician coastal areas:

Other beautiful areas

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