Sanxenxo is a popular beach destination in Spain. It’s a chic place and popular among the notables of Madrid. Most of the tourist who visit the village are from Spain. Sanxenxo is located at the end of the Ria de Pontevedra, where the ria flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

What to do in Sanxenxo?

Being a luxurious beach resort you can expect many bars and restaurants in Sanxenxo. And no shortage of good hotels to stay. If you would like to relax and have a quiet holiday then Sanxenxo is something for you. Seeing and being seen in Sanxenxo is a popular activity among the Spaniards in Sanxenxo. The village has its own marina from which you can navigate to the Ria and the Ocean. And off course, as Sanxenxo is located in the Rias Baixas, the tropical Galicia, you can find some excellent sand beaches.

Silgar Beach in Sanxenxo

Beaches in Sanxenxo

Sanxenxo has several beautiful beaches. In total the village counts more then 20 beaches! The best known beach of Sanxenxo is Silgar Beach, centrally located in the village. This beach is about 600 metres and during summers crowded by tourists. Around Silgar Beach is the boulevard of Sanxenxo, where you can stroll wonderfully.
The biggest beach of Sanxenxo is A Lanzada. This beach is one of the longest beaches in Galicia and connects Sanxenxo to the peninsula of O Grove. A Lanzada can be reached best from Sanxenxo by car.

Illa de Ons

Some kilometres from the coast of Sanxenxo are the beautiful islands of Ons. This island group is a national park and indicated by the European Union as a protected bird area. From Sanxenxo you can visit the islands by boat to enjoy the beautiful nature. On the Illa de Ons there are some wonderful hiking paths and also active mountainbike tracks.

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