Public holidays in Galicia

Galicia has two own yearly public holidays. Of them, the 25th of July is the most import. On July 25th is celebrated the ‘National day of Galicia‘, and also the name day of the apostle Jacobus (Santiago). In every Galician village or town people celebrate this day and light fireworks. By the way, every Spanish state has its own holiday.
The second Galician public holiday is ‘Día de las Letras Gallegas‘, the Galician Literature Day. This day is celebrated yearly on May 17th.

Besides the two local Galician public holidays the other holidays are similar as in the rest of Spain. Most of them have a Catholic background.

Public holidays in Galicia

  1. New Year’s day (January 1th)
  2. Epiphany (January 6th)
  3. Good Friday (March)
  4. Labour Day (May 1th)
  5. Día de las Letras Gallegas (May 17th)
  6. Diá Nacional de Galicia/Santiago Apostle (July 25th)
  7. Assumption of Mary (August 15th)
  8. Día de Hispanidad (Octobre 12th)
  9. All Saints’ Day (November 1th)
  10. Constitution Day (December 6th)
  11. Immaculate Conception (December 8th)
  12. Christmas (December 25th)

Besides holidays Santiago de Compostela also has some Jubilee years. Once in the 5, 6 or 11 years is celebrated an Año Xacobeo.

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