Galicia is a region full of nature and culture. Many activities to enjoy. In Galicia you’ll find activities for young and old and everybody’s own tase. Off course there is the history of Santiago the Compostela, but don’t forget about the other cities. Or what about the small villages where you can find the authentic Galician culture. You can find them in the mountains, in the woods and off course at the coast. Enough nature and culture to enjoy, and to take part in!

Discover the cities

The history of Galicia is well preserved. We already mentioned the beautiful old town of Santiago de Compostela, but don’t forget about other historic buildings like the Torre de Hercules in A Coruña and the old Roman wall of Lugo. They are also must sees when visiting Galicia.

Besides history there’s more to discover in the cities. Take a visit to Vigo or Pontevedra. Or enjoy a bad in the geothermal springs in Ourense. And for who’s fond of shopping: visit a shop of Zara in A Coruña, the company it’s hometown.

Into nature

You like to be surrounded by nature? If the answer is yes you certainly have to visit Galicia. Galicia is the green oasis of Spain. There are the rolling hills fully covered by woods in the inland and around the rias baixas. A pleasure to cross, by foot or car. Enjoy some magnificant views…and when time’s well also Galicia’s magnificant wines.

Do you have access to a car during your stay in Galicia? Be sure to take a ride along the coastline. You’ll pass a rough coast in the north and further south you’ll pass the beautiful Rias Baixas.
On your route you will probably pass by some traditional Galician Horréos.

Being active

When there is so much nature, there are also possibilities to being active. Serious walks, not only to Santiago de Compostela, MTB trails in the hills of Ribeira Sacra, running over the boulevard of A Coruña and off course activities on the waters like sailing and surfing.

Relaxing on the beach

Fancy some time to relax after all activities? There are many beaches in Galicia. And nice beaches. During summer a lot of citizens of Madrid take the train, car or airplain to relax on the beaches of the Rias Baixas.

One of Spains most famous beaches is in Galicia. I’m talking about Praya a Lanzada, a beach of almost 3 kilometers, covered with fine white sand. It’s located between Sanxenxo and O Grove.

Discover the best beaches in Galicia!

Cultural festivities

  • Rapa das Bestas, annual event in July where wild horses have their manes and tails cut by hand
  • Fiesta de Marisco, annual event in Octobre with the best seafood
  • Xacobeo, the ‘holy’ year of the Camino de Santiago. It takes place once in 5, 6 or 11 years

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