Festa do Marisco, the Galician seafood festival

Once I had the luck to visit a friend in the village of O’Grove in October. Why was I so lucky? In October this village celebrates the Festa do Marisco, a nationally known event in honor of seafood. In various stalls, you can join the banquet and eat delicious seafood, accompanied by a good glass of Albariño, of course. A really enjoyable seafood festival!

Seafood is a specialty of Galicia, and certainly of the village of O’Grove in the Rías Baixas. Mejillones (mussels), percebes (goose barnacles), berberechos (cockles), centollo (a large crab), these are names that you see frequently on the menu. Be sure to try them, they taste delicious!

In honor of these delicacies from the sea, the Festa do Marisco, or seafood festival, is celebrated once a year. The festival has been celebrated since 1963 and brings together the two pillars of O’Grove, namely fishing and industry. The festival is visited by thousands of visitors, and the village owes its nickname “paraíso del marisco” to the festival.

Are you in the area? Then be sure to join one of the large tents that are set up and participate in a buffet or dinner. If there is no more room, take the time to walk around and taste the smaller stalls. There is always something tasty to be found.

The festival is always at the beginning of October in the town of O’Grove.