Maps of Galicia

When traveling in Galicia a map can be very useful. Weather you’re traveling by car or by foot. We all have a map of Galicia in our pocket with Google maps on our mobile phone, but still a real printed map can be very useful and give a total overview of the region you’re in.

If you go walking or hiking in Galicia a dedicated map with walking tracks is an essential attribute. Unless you’re walking the camino off course. In that case you can easily follow the yellow arrows of the camino. Although I would still recommend you to take a map with you to keep an overview of where you’re at.
And if you’re planning a road trip trough Galicia, and/or Northern Spain or Portugal a printed map is still a useful tool.

There are various maps of Galicia. Depending your activity you can choose for a road map or a bike or hike map as mentioned. Below I’ve listed some maps in English.

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Free maps of Galicia

There is also a free road map of Galicia in PDF, offered by the Galician Touris office: Download here (PDF)
(Tip: you can find more free city maps at this page)

Map of Galicia (Download as PDF)

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