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Galicia is the remote area in the northwest of Spain. The area where the famous Camino de Santiago leads to and also the most popular area for Spanish people for the capital Madrid to celebrate their beach holidays. Galicia is also the region of the marisco (seafood) and licor café (coffee liqueur). An area which its own language and culture. Also the most green region of Spain, a result of it also being the region which most rain of the country.

Galicia is a beautiful, but to many unknown area. My goal of this website is to share the many fine things fo Galicia and to promote the region, because it’s well worth a visit!

Where is Galicia in Spain? 

Ligging Galicie in Spanje
Galicië ligt in het noordwesten van Spanje

Imagine yourself, you’re on a road trip through Spain. You cross the sear deserted Spanish meseta and after passing the historical town of Leon you face the ‘Macizo Galaico’ – the Galician Massif – the natural barrier to the province of Galicia. The road through the deserted land start climbing into the mountains, the air gets fresher, you’re seeing green trees again. On the way to the top it gets foggy, it’s been some time since you’ve seen any clouds. Once you’ve made it to the top you meet a completely new view, it’s like a new world is in front of you. Everywhere around you the nature is green. Some minutes ago you where in the desert, now a healthy green oasis is beneath your feeth. Welcome to Galicia!

Galicia is the most northwestern region of Spain. On the regions east side it’s separated from the rest of Spain by mountains, in the south of it lays Portugal. In the north and west Galicia is totally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline of Galicia measures an amount of 1200 kilometers. That’s 30% of the total Spanish coastline!

Galicia is a beautiful, green area in the northwest of Spain. It’s no coincidence that the region is very green, because it does rain in Galicia. It’s part of the climate of Galicia. Water ascends from the Atlantic Ocean, that surrounds Galicia in the north and the west, en some further in the region this water comes down again as rain. The clouds often don’t pass the mountains that surround Galicia in the east, what results in the dramatic transition from Galicia to the inlands of Spain.

Geography and figures

kaart-galicieGalicia has about 3 million inhabitants. Galicia is a so-called autonomous region in Spain and consists of four provinces: A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra and Ourense. The capital of Galicia is Santiago de Compostela, located in the province of A Coruña.

Some figues:

  • Area: 29.574 km²
  • Inhabitants (2011): 2.765.940 (94 inh./km²)
  • Capital: Santiago de Compostela
  • National anthem: Os Pinos
  • Languages: Spanish, Galego
  • Inhabitants:
Province Inhabitants Capital Inhabitants
A Coruña 1 129 141 A Coruña 243 320
Lugo 356 595 Lugo 93 450
Ourense 338 671 Ourense 108 137
Pontevedra 943 117 Pontevedra 80 096
biggest city: Vigo 293 725
Total 2762198    

(source: wikipedia)

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There is so much more to tell about Galicia.This whole site is dedicated to Galicia and I try to update it every now and then with new information. Do you have any suggestions or information to share or that you want to know more about? Let me know!

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