Best beaches in Galicia

With over 1600 kilometers of coastline in Galicia, there’s plenty of space for beaches. And indeed, there are plenty to be found! What are the best and most beautiful beaches in Galicia? That’s very personal, of course. I’ll highlight a few that I find beautiful myself or that are top-rated beaches. Feel free to add more in the comments!

Most Beautiful Beaches in the Rías Baixas

In Rías Baixas, you’ll find many beaches. Drive along the coast, and you’ll see beautiful beaches by the roadside. Look further, and you’ll discover hidden sandy spots. Below, I’ve selected four exceptional beaches.

A Lanzada (O Grove)

One of the longest beaches in Galicia, stretching a whopping 5 kilometers! You can enjoy yourself here in every season. The beach is mostly sandy and is located along the Ria de Arousa, forming the link to the O Grove peninsula and A Toxa.


Galicia’s longest beach. I have to admin that I’ve never been there myself, but it seems comparable to A Lanzada. Very long (7km) and beautiful in every season. It can also get very crowded here in the summer. On clear days, you can see Finisterre from Carnota across the water.

Rodas (actually the entire Cíes Islands)

No cars, no hotels, but fantastic nature and beaches. The Cíes Islands are at the end of the Ria de Vigo in the Atlantic Ocean, where they block the wind for the ría. Rodas is the most beautiful beach. It has magical white strands and in summer days you’ll get a feeling of the Caribbean. Rodas is named by many as the beach of Galicia!

Rodas beach on the Cies islands. Best beach in Galicia.

Patos Beach (Nigran)

Galicia’s most popular surfing beach. In the Costa da Morte, there’s enough wind but not enough beach for surfing. Therefore, better beaches for surfing are found in the Rias Baixas. You can surf at A Lanzada, but Patos Beach is where most surfing happens.
This beach is also known from the book Death on a Galician Shore, by Domingo Villar.

Best beaches in the Rias Altas

The Rias Altas have a very rough coast. The beaches are a bit less abundant as in the Rias Baixas, but you still don’t have to search far for a beautiful beach in this part of Galicia. Below are three exceptional beaches along the northern Rias Altas and the Costa da Morte.

Playa de las Catedrales (Ribadeo)

Where Rodas beach is probably the best-rated, Playa de las Catedrales is the most famous beach of Galicia. You don’t go to this beach for sunbathing and swimming, in fact, swimming is not allowed. This beach is famous for its appearance, a wonder of nature. Rocks, cliffs, and caves. The beach gets its name from the so-called cathedral arches, large rock formations you can walk through and around.

Playa San Xurxo (Ferrol)

A bit more located to the north of Galicia you will find another fine, large sandy beach. It is Playa San Xurxo, a delightful bay near Ferrol.
By the way, near Ferrol, you’ll also find another beautiful beach, a bit more intimate than the large San Xurxo. This beach is called Santa Comba and is romantically enclosed between large rocky hills.

Praia de Riazor (A Coruña)

Riazor is in the city centre of A Coruña. You can compare it to other famouse beaches in Spain as La Barceloneta in Barcelona or La Concha and San Sebastian. Like these beaches, Riazor can get quite crowded in the summer. Personally, I’m not a fan of that, but outside the season, you can enjoy a pleasant walk on this beach in A Coruña.

Most Beautiful Beaches of Galicia on the map

Where can you find the most beautiful beaches in Galicia? They are indicated on the following map.

What is your favorite beach in Galicia? Leave a reaction in the comments!