O Grove & La Toja

The village of O Grove is a peninsula at the end of the Ria de Arousa. Just like neighbour village has a fishing history but is today better known as a tourist destination. Best known among visitors is the Isle of La Toja (A Toxa in Galician) that is part of O Grove.

O Grove

There is just one way to enter O Grove. This road goes via the beautiful beach of A Lanzade. In every season this is an impressive entrance. You enter the peninsula via the beach and have the sea at both sides of the road.

The peninsula of O Grove consists of some villages that all are part of the municipality of O grove. The main village is officially named San Martin, but people just call it O Grove.

As being a peninsula you can find many beaches in O Grove. We just mentioned the most famous A Lanzada and in the village you can find various signs to other beaches. And if you have a sharp eye, get in touch with locals or are adventurous, there are many more small sand beaches to discover! The beaches in O Grove are among the best beaches in Galicia.

O Grove is also famous for the ‘Festa do Marisca’, it’s yearly sea food festival. The village is famous for its fishing history. During the sea food festival you can enjoy the best sea food, such as mussels and the locally famous centollo. Besides enjoying those preasures of the see it’s also possible to see how they grow in the Ria de Arousa. There is a boat trip to the nurseries and aquarium. And, off course, at the sea food festival you can also enjoy some splendid Albariño wine and get to know the local culture!
(Don’t worry if you are in O’Grove not during the festival. Sea feed and albariño can be enjoyed year round)

La Toja

La Toja is an island in front of O Grove. The Galician call it A Toxa, pronaunced with a sweet x, that sounds as ‘sj’. The island is almost completely covered by the luxurious well ness resort A Toxa with hotel, spa and golf course. It is also famous for its soap. This resorts has national fame. It’s the only 5-star resort at the Rias Baixas.

The island of La Toxa with O Grove in the back

La Toja can be reached via a bridge from O Grove. You can see the bridge in the picture above.
Even if your not staying at the resort the island is worth a visit. The Spa is also open to guests. Buy a ticket and relax at this fantastic spot!

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