La Gaita, bagpipe Galician style: Susana Seivane – dende o meu balcón

At the end of 2020 the famous Galician bagpipe player Susane Seivane released a brand new album: Dende o meu balcón. A marvellous album full of bagpipe songs. Feel like you’re in Galicia while listening the bagpipe, la gaita, in Galician style.

How does Dende o meu balcón sounds?

Susane Seivane presents a modern performance with the classical bagpipe on this new album. Listening the album you will experience everything the bagpipe has to offer. Seivane uses up to 6 different Galician bagpipes on the album.

Dende o meu balcón is Seivanes sixth full length album. Her father and grandfather were also famous bagpipe players. In earlier days it wasn’t common for women to play the bagpipe, but Seivane demonstrates that she manages the instrument exceptionally well.

The album consists of 22 tracks, most of them are instrumental. The album is made up from 55 more or less known (Galician) tracks that are bond to a medley. One of the tracks is an instrumental bagpipe version of the Galician national anthem, o himno Galego.
The 22 tracks let you discover the versatility of the bagpipe. From dreamy soundscapes, to expressive folklore and uplifting rumbas. Many tracks are accompanied by percussion and some of them also with vocals.

Galicia and la gaita, the bagpipe

When hearing a bagpipe most people will think of Scotland. Nevertheless the bagpipe is also the folkloric instrument of Galicia. The bagpipe is a result of the celtic history of Galicia. Previously Galicia and Scotland both were part of the celtic league.

In Galician (and Spanish) the instrument is called ‘la gaita‘. If you’ve ever visited Santiago de Compostela you’ve probably heard the recognizable sound of the bagpipe. In the surroundings of the cathedral you can always find a ‘gaitero‘, bagpipe player.

Listen to Susana Seivane – dende o meu balcón

Susana Seivana – dende o meu balcón op Spotify

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