City trip Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is an excellent destination for a city trip. It’s an unique city, full of history, architecture and culture. A city trip to Santiago de Compostela is more adventurous then tourist cities like Barcelona and Madrid, and you’ll visit a way more easy city as those big metropolises.

Santiago de Compostela is absolutely worth a visit, also when your not a pilgrim. Extra benefit: Santiago is an excellent base to discover the rest of Galicia.

How long should you stay in Santiago de Compostela?

When really in a hurry and just want to cross all highlights on your to do list, half a day could be enough. But I don’t count that as a real visit to the city.

Having a full day from morning to evening would be the minimum for a city trip to Santigo de Compostela. You can visit the highlights, have a walk through the old centre and also enjoy the Galician gastronomie by enjoying a drink and some local tapas.

From my point of view two days and nights is the optimal time for your city break to Santiago. During your stay you can really enjoy the old town and also visit some instances, like the famous cathedral for example or one of the cities museums. You can also dive some deeper in Santiago’s or Galicia’s architecture, culture or gastronomy, just what you like most.

Where to sleep in Santiago de Compostela?

Santiago de Compostela is visited by many people, both regular tourists as pilgrims. The city is used to receive guests and there are many places to stay.

Two personal tips for your city break to Santiago:

  • (luxe) Hostal dos Reis Católicos *****, often mentioned as the oldest hotel in the world. Beautifully situated at the cities many square, the famous Praza de Obradoiro where the camino ends and the cathedral is located. (website)
  • (budget) Hostal Mafer **, when I first visited Santiago I find a bed at this place. It’s location is excellent and you will be received friendly. A good place to stay if you don’t need anything more then just a bed and bathroom. (website)

Or choose your own hotel in Santiago de Compostela:

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