Most uninhabited place in Galicia

Galicia is known as a shrinking region. Particularly inland, several ghost villages can be found where almost all inhabitants have left. But what is the most deserted and uninhabited place in Galicia?

Most uninhabited place in Galicia

The most uninhabited place in Galicia is Comarca de Viana. This region has on average just 7,9 inhabitants per km2!
In comparison, the average inhabitants per km2 in Galicia is 92,3, more than 10x the density of Comarca de Viana. The average of the whole country of Spain is 94. Well, now imagine the loneliness of Comarca de Viana.

Comarca de Viana is located in the most southeastern corner of Galicia, in the province of Ourense. It borders Portugal and Spanish neighbour state Castillia y Leon. The area of Comarca de Viana is also known as ‘Serra Seca’, a dry sierra. You can clearly see where this name comes from on the picture above.

This desolated corner of Ourense has a tough climate. Cold and dry in the winters, hot and dry during summer. No wonder people find it hard out here. Another mammal has more fun in this area. It’s the wolf, who lives freely in this area.

The area of Comarca de Viana. In the corner of Galicia, next to Portugal and Castilla y Leon

It’s not just Comarca de Viana that has a low density. When leaving Galicia and going further inland of Spain it stays quiet. Next to Comarca de Viana is the Castillian region of Zamora. Well, that’s really uninhabited. In the province of Zamora are 248 municipalities, of them 226 have less than 1000 inhabitants!

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