The day Ronaldinho broke a window of Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral

Do you remember Ronaldinho? The soccer star who stole many hearts at the beginning of this century when playing at FC Barcelona. On a sunny February in 2004 he had less luck in Santiago de Compostela…

To promote a catholic festival Ronaldinho was asked to shoot a promotional video in Santiago. The place to shoot the video was off course in front of the cities impressive cathedral. At the balcony Ronaldinho would show some tricks for the camera. The director asked the soccer star to hit the ball a bit harder, for a good effect on video. And then it happened…worlds best player tried a bicycle kick and the ball ended up inside the cathedral, breaking a window from the ancient facade. Oops!

(Source: El Pais)

Luckily for Ronaldinho, and especially the director, the damage was not to bad. The cost of the window where just 1,20 euro, excluding the labor costs for placing. And it is heard those windows break more often, for example at the fireworks on the National day of Galicia.

I don’t know how the promotional video ended up, but there is a video from Ronaldinho breaking the window:

A day before this accident Ronaldinho had more luck in Galicia. He scored twice in his game with FC Barcelona agains Deportivo la Coruña in A Coruña.

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