Lock down in Galicia

Galicia in the news this week! What happened? While Spain and the rest of Europe are slowly getting out of the corona lock down, there is an outbreak in a village in Galicia. This caused the government to create a regional local lock down in the area of A Mariña. A place in the north of Galicia with around 70.000 inhabitant. The have to stay at home this week. The lock down is announced for July 6th till 10th.

The out break of the corona virus in A Mariña is serious and counts at this moment 131 cases and 7 hospital admissions. The virus has mainly spread in the cafes around the fishing port of Burela, where some waiters in two or three bars were infected. Especially during the San Juan celebrations, at the end of June, the virus would then have spread very quickly.

The region in lock down (source: The Sun)

Effects of the lock down for tourists

Obviously this situation hurts the inhabitants, and especially the infected persons and their relatives, but what is the effect for tourist?

To start, this lock down affects heavenly on pilgrims who are walking the Camino del Norte, as their camino to Santiago de Compostela. This camino crosses the affected area. It seems pilgrims can take the bus as it’s still allowed to cross the zone (without stopping).

Besides pilgrims the lock down in Galicia also effects regular tourists, among many Spanish. The locked down region includes one of Galicia’s most beautiful beaches and a main tourist attraction: La Playa de las Catedrales.

Hopefully the lock down will end after his week as planned!

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