Announcement: Netflix series The Mess You Leave Behind

Update: you can now watch the series The mess you leave behind

A new Netflix series in Galicia is on it’s way. The series called: The Mess You Leave Behind. This series is based on a book with the same title by the author Carlos Montero. He will also direct the series. We have to have some patience before we can watch this series, but it’s a promising announcement!

What to expect?

The series is based on the book ‘el desorden que dejas’, which is translated to ‘the mess you leave behind’. Unfortunately the book is not available in English, but in some months we’ll have this series to watch.
The book, and thus the series, take place in the centre of Galicia. This is also the home of writer Montero from Ourense.

The story is about Raquel. She is a teacher who substitutes another teacher. It appears her predecessor has committed suicide. But did she really? Once Raquel starts her temporarily job and gets in touch with those who know her predecessor the story gets murkier.
This story is about a small village in Galicia, but also about the life on a school, the relation between teacher and students and ‘the mess you leave behind’. According Montero himself the series will have some thriller and drama aspects. So I expect a lot of tension. Looking forward to it!

Director Carlos Montero

More tv series in Galicia coming up

The Mess You Leave Behind is a new Netflix series coming up. But Netflix is not the only video platform that has discovered Galicia! Also Amazon Prime is working on a series and HBO already released a series taking partly place in Galicia.

Next year (2021) Amazon Prime will release the series 3Caminos. It’s the first international series about the Camino de Santiago.

On HBO you can already watch the series Auga seca, a series that takes place in Galicia and Portugal.

Well, those are some promising forecast! If you want to know more about (English spoken) tv series in Galicia, follow my page about tv series in Galicia.

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