FC Deportivo Galicia, bringing tiki taka football to London

Brilliant, just came across an article on the internet. About soccer, as I’m a soccer fan. And this article was really lyrical about the tiki taka soccer played by the club FC Deportivo Galicia!

Ever heard of the football club FC Deportivo Galicia? It’s not a professional soccer club, and they’re not even from Galicia! That’s what makes the story.

FC Deportiva Galicia, they even have Estrella Galicia as their shirt sponsor!
(Photo credits: FC Deportivo Galicia)

As you might know in the 19th and 20th century many Galicians left their region and migrated to other areas. Some Galicians migrated to the Americas. The brothers Fidel and Raul Castro are among the most famous of them. And there where other Galicians that migrated within Europe. Did you know that during the last European Championship the Swiss selection counted more Galician players, than the Spanish selection did?

Some Galicians also ended up in London and established a life in England. When practicing sports together some of them funded a soccer club in 1968 and called it Centro Gallego. Later it was renamed to FC Deportivo Galicia. What a brilliant name! Have a look at their logo and jersey. Very Galician isn’t it?

The club still exists today and even lives at it tops this season, getting praised for their well-played football. Although their origin is Galician, the club is not exclusively for (former) Gallego’s. The club still attracts many Spaniards. Making it an English club with latin feeling, and a bit of Spanish tiki taka football. Their dream? Participating in the English FA cup!

Deportiva Galicia in Venezuala

And there is more, there was also a Venezuelan professional football club called FC Deportivo Galicia. Must be raised by Galician migrants. Stay tuned, I might dive further into the subject and write about it later!

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