High speed train AVE finally connects Madrid to Galicia

It took more than 16 years to complete, the high speed train connection between Madrid and Galicia. From december 21st there will finally be a high speed connection. The travel time from Madrid to Galicia (or back) declines to just about 2 hours. A good alternative for a domestic flight!

The routes between the biggest Galician cities were already ready for a while. The missing piece between Spanish capital Madrid was in neighbour state Castilla y Leon. That final piece will be finished just before Christmas Eve, and the train can get running between Madrid and Galicia. The missing piece, and routes in Galicia, can be seen on the following map.

High speed trains (AVE) in Spain. The red line is the last piece to be completed to connect Galicia and Madrid. The blue lines are already finished, the yellow lines are planned.
(source: elpais)

AVE is Spains high speed train. The abbreviation stands for Alta Velocidad Española, or High Speed Spain. It’s comparable to the well known TGV in France.

In 2 hours from Madrid to Galicia

The travel time increases significantly with the AVE train. Previously it took about a day to travel to Galicia by train. Just have a look at the AVE travel times:

The AVE between Galicia and Madrid will be available from December 21st. Why should you take a domestic flight with this smooth connection?

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