Most Western and most Northern point of Spain

Galicia is often seen as a far-off and remote corner of Spain. Well, in some aspects they are right: in Galicia you can find the most western point of Spain and also the most Northern place.

Most Western point: Cabo Touriñán

Did you thought about Cape Finisterre at first as most western point of Galicia. You’re not alone. Often Cape Finisterre in Galicia is mentioned as the most western point of Galicia, Spain and also the main European mainland. But it is not. To be honest, I thought so as well for a long time.

The most western part of Galicia is Cabo Touriñán. This cape is a small, rocky peninsula nearby Muxia on the Costa da Morte. And off course, at the end of this cape is a lighthouse, just as at Cabo Finisterre.

Cabo Touriñán is the most western point of Galicia, but not of the whole country of Spain. The most western point of the total country can be found on the Canary Islands. Cabo Touriñán is however the most western point of the Spanish peninsula. But…not of the whole Iberian peninsula and the European mainland. To find the most western spot of the whole European mainland, and the Iberian peninsula, you have to travel to Portugal. To Cabo da Roca to be more specific.

Most Northern point: Punta de Estaca de Bares

No surprise you can find the most Western point of the Spain mainland in Galicia, the most Western province. But did you know, Galicia also has Spains most Northern point! Again I have to commit, I never thought so. To me Galicia doens’t feels as north as the Pyrenees with their eternally snowed peaks.

So here it comes, the most Northern point of Spain is: Punta de Estaca de Bares, in Galicia. This place also marks the end of the Gulf of Biscay. Another suprise to me! This means a (small) part of Galicia’s coast is at the Gulf of Biscay. To me, as a Dutchmen, that suddenly sounds quite close.

Estaca de Bares is also one of the most rainy places in Europe. This is due to it’s location. The place sticks out into the sea Gulf of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean clash. So many rain sounds less fun, but it does have an advantage for the nature at the place. Due to the many rain Estaca de Bares has an unique eco system.

See the following image for the most extreme points of Spain:

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