Married during corona lock down

A positive post in those dark days of the corona crisis. Spain has a total lock down and also people in Galicia have to stay at home. Nevertheless two lovebirds in A Coruña got married this week! A wedding in a very special way.

Daniel en Alba, a couple A Coruña, got married through the opened window from their appartement. The original plan was to get married one day later, but this had to be cancelled due to the corona outbreak. They still really want to get married and organised an improvised, but very official wedding.

One of the neighbours led the ceremony, while an other neighbour witnessed. After the ceremony they put the rings on and kissed each other. You can clearly hear in the video below that witnesses yell ‘que se bessen’ (Kiss, kiss).
After the ceremony the bride throws a bunch of flowers out of the window as bridal bouquet. The special wedding ceremony had some neighbours as attendees, a small part of the original 190 guests.

This wedding was definitely not what they had in mind, but this wsa definitely a very special wedding for them to remember!

Watch parts of the ceremony in this Instagram post:

Felicitaciones a los novios!

It’s not the first remarkable wedding in A Coruña. Some 120 years ago in this same city the first lesbian marriage took place.

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