TV Series in Galicia

It’s rough coast, it’s history of drug trafficking, it’s culture and the camino the Santiago. Galicia is a perfect place and subject for a tv series. So you can see in various series, for example on Netflix. On this page I collect tv series take take place in Galicia and are available in English.

Fariña / Cocaine Coast

This Netflix series is a worth watching. After watching you’ll be surprised it’s based on a real history!
The series is about Sito Miñanco, may be the biggest drug lord Galicia has ever seen. His glory years where in the 80’s. Read more about the series here and watch the trailer.

The mess you leave behind

A thriller in Galicia. The series is set in the mysterious surroundings of Ourense. An exciting story in a beautiful surrounding.
Read more about the series here and watch the trailer.

Vivir Sin Permiso (Unauthorized Living)

The Netflix series Vivir Sin Permiso is also drug related. Although this time the story is not based on a real story. It is however based on a book, written by the great Galician author Manuel Rivas. The English name of the series is Unauthorized Living.

Vivir Sin Permiso/Unauthorized Living is about the drug lord Nemo. A aged man who got diagnosed with Alzheimer and wants to retire. But who to replace him?

Special comment for binge watchers: this series also has a second season!

O sabor das margaridas (Bitter Daisies)

No drugs this time. This is a crime series. Due to a mysterious and female detective this series is also compared to the Scandinavian hit series The Bridge.

Plot: Pope Benedictus XVI is about to visit Santiago de Compostela. A day before his visit a girl (Marta) disappears. A job for detective Rosa to solve this case!

The first season of Bitter Daisies was a great success. Many people over the world watched the series. At the beginning of 2021 the second chapter appeared on Netflix.

3 Caminos (3 ways)

It’s not just Netflix that has discovered Galicia. Amazon Prime also created a series that plays in Galicia. The series is called 3 Caminos (3 ways in English) and is, no suprise, about the Camino de Santiago.

This series is about 5 friends, coming from 5 different continents, that became friends on the camino. The friends walk the Camino Frances three times, hence the name of the series, in 2000, 2006 and 2021. Three trips, three stages of five lives. 

Enjoy the series, but please remind; it’s a series and not a documentary that reflects the real camino.