Season 2 Bitter Daisies on Netflix

Have you seen Bitter Daisies on Netflix? This series, that’s based in Galicia, has a second season. And the good news is, Bitter Daisies 2 is now available on Netflix!

A special detail about this series: it’s written in Galego, the language of Galicia. It’s the first series originally written in Galego that’s published on Netflix and can be seen in 180 countries!
The original title of Bitter Daisies is O Sabor de las Margaridas. In Spanish it’s El sabor de las Margaritas. The literal translation would be ‘the taste of daisies’.

The story of Bitter Daisies season 2

In the first season of Bitter Daisies we met Eva Mayo (played by María Mear) who just arrived in Galicia. Eva stars also the second season, this time accompanied by police officer Raúl Salgado (played by Santi Prego).

Eva and Raúl get messed up in a dirty and dangerous net of trafficking of women. At the same time Eva keeps struggling with her mental health, what gives an extra dimension to her character and the series.
Eva and Raúl get in touch with the trafficking net when they’re looking for a girl named Rebeca. While they go after her they see their witness getting killed one by one. Who is responsible for this and can they stop it?

Just like the first season the second season of Bitter Daisies also consist of 6 chapters. The chapters are about 70 minutes. The recordings are made among other locations in Galicia in Santiago de Compostela and Lugo.

Trailer O Sabor das margaridas season 2

Fans had to wait some time to watch this second season. Many expected the series available at the end of 2020, but nothing happened. It took until March 2021 when Netflix communicated the series are available from April 2nd 2021.

You can watch Bitter Daisies 2 now on Netflix

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