Feísmo, the Galician architecture and art of making things ugly

In a novel I came accross the term ‘Feísmo’. Feísmo is the art of making things ugly, especially in Galicia.

I had never heard of feísmo before, but those who speak Spanish and understand it refers to rural construction can probably immediately grasp the idea. It’s a concept that’s typical of Galicia and even has its own Wikipedia page (in Spanish), subtitled: Galician architecture.

So, what is feísmo? Feísmo is described as the habit of doing everything halfway. It stems from the tradition of parents giving away pieces of their land to children so they can build their own houses. Once they finish the roof and walls, they move into the house and get married, leaving the rest of the house unfinished. When they eventually continue, they do so without a plan, without obtaining permits, or consulting with professionals. Feísmo is a way of building that prioritizes practicality over aesthetics. It’s the art of making things ugly.

Feísmo, the art of making things ugly, does that sound beautiful or not?

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